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Good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak a few words related to the newspaper which is the daily need of the people.

Some of you know that your father wakes up in the morning and then with the cup of tea he may always read the newspaper, if he doesn’t do for one day, then he will not feel like the day is gone, as my father is too the great reader of the newspaper.

As per the Wikipedia India is the biggest market for the newspaper more than 100 million copies are sold in the day, there is various newspaper company like Mumbai Mirror, Times of India and many more in different languages.

In The Field Of Education

Newspaper plays the important role in the education sector while reading the newspaper we can also know about the policies framed by the government the sports news and also the general knowledge about India and the various games are provided because the public should not be bored by reading the newspaper only.

All the Bollywood news are expressed by the media people in the newspaper; this will also give the practical knowledge to the student in knowing the Indians economy.

Through the medium of the newspaper, we come to know about the large societies and the crimes in India.

Students should have the habit of reading a newspaper daily because this will improve the speed of the reading than the proper vocabulary to use in the sentence and you will be aware of the current affair of the country in the better manner.

Importance Of Newspaper

  • This is that means of sources which provide the information regarding the globe and also provide the new ideas.
  • The benefit of the newspaper is that it is printed in all the languages existing in India.
  • This medium of newspaper helps to know and control the corruption in India.
  • This helps us to know the social issues such as the Dowry system, child labor and also create social awareness in the country.
  • We get to know all the information regarding the Bollywood and their coming movies in the newspaper.
  • In very low cost we get to know all the information regarding the society and the country.

The Negative Impact Of Newspaper

  • People today make the negative impact of the newspaper the crimes, and all are practice reading the newspaper.
  • The advertisement is shown in the newspaper area sometime fake some of the gifts are free that the advertisement shows but the reality is that if we buy than that free product does not reach us. The government should take the initiative regarding the false advertisement.
  • We should be aware that sometimes there is also false information in the newspaper so we should take care of this so we should take care.

There is the most use of this all medium because if this we will be aware of the current affairs. And the newspaper also gives the home remedies for various issues.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 8:06 am

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