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A warm good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak a few words based on the life which we have got from the god wish.

Meaning Of Life 

Every living thing as the life which is god gifted and this distinguish us from the non-living organism.

All living organism can perform various activity such as growth, reproduction, functional activity, and death.

Life is full of a race today and to finish this race we have to struggle, tolerate, keep calm then only we can finish the race in a successful manner.

If there are no challenges in the life than there is no excitement, sometimes there is a good time, and there is also the bad time, and we should have the capacity to take off the bad time.


As we can take the examples of the river, water always flows simply this we think but there are many obstacles in its path also like the stone, mountain, trees and many more but than to it make the way to flow as it never stops to reaches its destination.

Life Is Full Of Joy

We should tackle all the work in joy manner never think that it is boring all the work should be done happily than the life will be enjoyable. Yes, that is the fact that we have to struggle a lot to find the destination. There is the sunshine after every dark in life.

Many of the people in the history as inspired us by their work so we should be motivated by them to reach our goal.

Being lazy will never give you happiness in the life this will always let you down.

As you become the success in your life than there should be the heavy package earn by you that not means that you will give your fortune to the poor people, but you should have some of the sympathies towards the needy people, or to the orphanage.

We should never spread the wrong message towards the world only love, and affection will help you to move forward in the life.

Living the life changes the behavior of the people in the walk of life. We should never be fed up with our life; there are some of the people who suicide if they can’t struggle they give up life.

In our life by earning money is not only the job by that only we can’t live our life but helping other will count you in the good deed in the life this is also very important to leave the life. Life is full of the service for the parents and the god.

We should not be selfish in our life than this will not bring the true meaning to our life.

People have the desire in their life and also the demand which will be fulfilled by own, but this cannot be done by other. Life is the precious gift given by the god this should be enjoyed as much as we can.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:55 am

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