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Good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak few words based on the knowledge which is very important to one and all, without which we can’t move forward in our life.

What Is The Power Of The Knowledge?

I think that the audience present over here will know the importance of the education in once life, it has been surrounded us with from all the side, today if the person is uneducated then there is no one who will ask him, but the knowledge should be full it should not be done in the half or semi-literate.

All the work done in the today is of the education without the education there will not be the work given to the person.

To achieve something in life, education is the must for all the living being.

Today the skill and the knowledge of the person judged other than that anything can’t be judge, today the life has become the race in which we have to struggle a lot to finish the race in the first position.

Importance Of The Knowledge

  • Getting the education will make you learn better from out of the books and the class the practical knowledge is very important in once life, getting the adequate knowledge will help to improve our knowledge as much we can.
  • Education helps us to set the goal in our life for the purpose of being a successful person in life. Setting important goals and then learning from that will make us more knowledgeable
  • If we are taking the education as much we can this will make us more intellectual in our daily work, the things which look very hard can troubleshoot in one second, this is the usefulness of getting more education.
  • The problem will be tackled fast if we know the right method to overcome if we are educated, our life teaches us the better way to come out but coming out is not the problem we should know to tackle the procedure as much we can.
  • After getting the proper knowledge will make us understand yourself in a good manner, we will know the pulse point and the negative point of our life, this makes us overcome the problem which we are facing.

But we should take the knowledge fully if you are interested in one field studying doctor than getting the half knowledge will never make you the literate person there is the proverb that is the “half knowledge is dangerous to the health” yeas this is the fact this will never make you the person in the literate position.

Knowledge is regarded as the strong weapons which can kill the person with the help of the knowledge.

Today the world has become the global community were the people of the rural area has been come into contact with each other.

Some of the illiterate people are exploited by the rich people this will come to the end of the people are getting the knowledge.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 8:11 am

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