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A pleasant morning to one and all present here. Today I am here to speak a few words based on the topic of kindness.

What Do Mean By The Term Kindness?

The quality of being friendly, generous, considerate is the term as kindness. Kindness is the base of showing humanity to the other. This all are taught by the elder of the family at our home, we learn by looking at our parent behavior.

Kindness refers to many qualities in one person that may be the love, empathy, patience, humility. The world without the term kindness straightforward refers to the hell.

When we see the people in trouble the,n we think of helping them, and we should do it as it is our duty that people how to behave with us we should also behave like that only.

As life is full of fun and race and in this race, today people are only thinking of own not of anyone else. Before helping the people, they always think.

Advantages Of Being Good

  • After helping someone who is in need of someone we feel really happy and feel gratitude for helping them.
  • After helping the people, they say us thank you and deed become more.
  • We will get back the help if we are in need in some of the situations after helping someone and this is the fact.

Disadvantages Of Being Good

  • There are some of the people who will take advantage of being nice of us.
  • As being nice will make some people that we are not strong enough to fight the justice so they can walk over us.

Helping the people who are in need, we should help them without hesitation and never think that if we help other than our attitude will be less.

This kindness will help us to make a better relationship between the unborn relations.

Acting like the kindness and then cheating the people will make you fall in your life yes there are some people like this also.

Showing the true kindness of the people will help you in some time when you are in bad condition.

Today people have become very different from the older generation. In this generation, life has become very fast to achieve something in life as taken out all the humanity from the human in the society.

Now the people ignore the situation in front of them, and they go ahead. From the 100% of the population only there are 35% of the people who have the mindset of kindness towards the other people.

We should always intake the positive attitude towards the coming generation, and this is only possible for the parents to teach the value of kindness to their younger one.

Lastly, I would like to say that the quality of the kindness can be understood by the blind, deaf this tell the person that you are not alone. So make your children understand the value of kindness in their life.

I am thanking you.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:56 am

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