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Good morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak a few words based on junk food which are famous for the today generation.

What Is Junk Food?

Junk food is like the fast food which we eat outside it can be in the footpath like the plane puri, Vadapav, Manchurian and many more it is less nutritious, and it consists the fat, salt and sugar in more quantity.

There is no vitamin, proteins in the junk food which is needed for the health. Many of the flavor, color, chemicals are added to the junk food which is very dangerous to the health.

Junk foods are very enjoyable to all the children and adult too; it makes the mouth very tasty due to which it attracts us.

Effects Of Junk Food

WorsenAppetite Controlling Power 

Daily having the junk food will make you feel loosen appetite, this can put the problem situation to the brain the functioning of the will be slow if the brain does not get the omega 3 and the omega six daily. This will make the brain to lose it signals from the body.

Lead To The Depression

The food which is not healthy to the body will make the brain to slow the function, fat, calorie which is present in the food will make the brain to intake this will trap of depression and despair.

The body will not get the proper vitamin which can lead to the depression to body.

Boosts Carvings

Our body needs the proper level of the food which we have to consume. Due to the increase in the level of the junk food to the body will turn the blood sugar to raise this will turn us to the situation of the irritation and the low level of the sugar will also make the mind to confuse and feel the anger and yes this is the fact of our mind.

Memory Loss

A heavy consumes of the junk food will cause to the loose of the memory power. The chemicals which contain the junk food will mix to the brain then it causes the loose of the brain.

Advantages Of Junk Food

Save Money

This is the fact that junk food saves the money, to cook the food their required many of the materials but the junk food are those which we can consume in the less time and money mess all the situation. There is no requirement for the chef.

Save Time

If we do not have the time to cook the food, junk food is the fast there is no situation of waiting process the food is prepared in a few minutes.

There are many of the restaurants which provide home delivery to their consumers.

There is no problem of the washing the dinner after the meal there is the zero second we have to waste.

Healthy Choices

Today the populations have also become aware of the healthy food which we have to consume, so there are more demand and the option for the food which are healthy. If we choose healthier food then to we can consume little money.

Disadvantages Of The Food

Lower Quantity Of The Food

If we consume the fast food, it will not give us satisfaction after consuming it because this is made in bulk, so they have to give in the lower quantity only.

More fattening

As the junk food is made up of all the oil and the chemicals, so this all contain the fattening power food like the burgers, fries, chicken, grilled sandwich and many of the other junk food.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:56 am

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