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A warm morning to one and all present here, respected sir, madam, teacher, and all my dear friends today I am here to speak few words based on the importance of Adult education.

Education Is Important

We all firmly agree that how the education is important in once life, same way if the adult is not got the education then they should take the priority to complete the education, if it is the girl or the boy-men or women, but education is important to one and all for being aware of their right in their life and to be aware that what is right and what is wrong.

At the time of the independence the literacy rate was 12.2% only but today in India the literacy rate 74% which show better improvement in the growth of the literacy rate.

Due to the family problem and due to the poorness in the house they were not educated. Due to which they were not aware of terrorism and illegal work.

More Illiterate Women

During the time of the independence and after the independence also the girls were kept for the household work only other than that the girls as no more rights against any of the injustice with them, the girls were not educated because if they are educated then they will be equal with boys and they will argue so the girls were not educated, but today it has been changed. Girls are also making their dreams come true.

Changes In The Structure

Today the structure is changed and this as proof the less literacy rate in India, since after the government had taken the initiative about the “female education,” in all the sector girls are proving their best to become equal with the boys or more than the boys.

If the adults are educated properly then they will think about their children education, this education mostly makes the adult aware of the rights about their children education, there should not be feeling of shy for education, full literacy is necessary.

We must encourage the adult to get the education this will make them literate and well know about their rights.

The Problem faced By The Illiterate People

If the people are uneducated then they have to face many of the problems from the educated people, if they visit the shop, they are cheated by the shopkeeper very badly because the people don’t know about the education of the number and the alphabets, so the illiterate people are cheated.

Some Features Of Adult Education

  • If the education is not provided and there is the continual rest by the adult then the brain will lose all the thinking process, if then involved to the education process then the mind will be active for the work.
  • Older people lose their thinking power after sometime old then if they are enrolled with the education, then the mind will act positively and the losing power will not be loosed.
  • We should encourage the adult for the education to make them feel happy.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 8:14 am

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