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A warm morning to one and all present here, today I am here to make you aware of your health which is more important than wealth.

The proverb has the perfect meaning of the health “Health is Wealth” means if our health is alright then the wealth will be useful, as the person comes in empty hand and while going also he goes empty person can’t take anything with him, only the soul will be with him.

If we are unhealthy and we have a lot of money it will be not in use, so for the good health there should be the proper diet and the proper exercise every day this will make you healthy.

If the person is unhealthy than all the money will be wasted for his treatment. Good health is very precious so to maintain it there should maintain the cleanliness, and hygienic should be maintained personally.

Causes Of Health

Health problem is caused due to the certain problem like from the genetic makeup than due to the drunkards, chewing tobacco and due to many of the reasons.

Sometimes there are multiple health diseases to certain people, and sometimes it occasionally attacks the person toxic substances.

Some people have the bad habit which is not taken out by them till their death they take this habit with them sometimes if there are the diseases from the ancestor period than it would come to you also like sugar and many more disease.

Effect On Health

Due to the pollution or due to the contamination of the water and due to not proper hygienic the diseases may be caused by health and the effects are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution.

Human health is attacked due to the fungi and the bacteria which is caused due to the unhygienic food and not proper weather condition.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:57 am

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