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Good morning to one and all present here respected sir, madam, teacher and all my dear friends today I am here to speak few words based on the happiness in the life, happiness is very much important for the people, to live the life there is many of the struggle and the hard work to reach the goal and in this path there is the path of happiness and sadness, but there is not always the way of the sad in the life or the happiness continuously it differ a lot because if we are suffering from the sad day when there is the bright of the happiness in the life and after every sad day there is the good day in the life.

Ways Of Being Happy 

\There are many of the ways of being happy in the life, some of the ways is that after getting the victory in which we have thought like the getting more marks in the examination, in the sports achieving and the people who are earning they get the happiness by their promotion in the office, parents get the happiness when their children make them feel proud and if they earn the name in the society and in many of the other way there is happiness, today the people obtain happiness through small things only and there is the big light of the happiness in the life for the people, there are many of the happy in the life because we should always think of being happy we should fight all the bad things in the life and then not live in the sorrow because this will bring more sad in the life.

In the life of the rich people there in the luxury things and we think that there is very happy in the life but that is not true because there is also the sad part of their life than too  we can’t get to know because they never bring it out, the rich people can buy all the things which make them happy but rather than that they cannot purchase the happiness with a lot of the money, and this is the fact that the things which can’t buy are the happiness and the sad part of our life this is decided by the god, and this is set by him only, and we have to work according to it only.

If you all know that it is very good but the people who are not aware I will remember that on 20th March all the people celebrated international happiness day and on this day people come together and talk about the happy part of their life they share with the people.

After the satisfaction of all the things than too there is some of the problem for the people they are not fulfilled or they or not happy in which they have, we should always be happy with what we have never look for the more this will take you to the wrong part of the happiness.

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Updated: February 4, 2019 — 12:03 pm

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