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Good morning to one and all present here, respected sir, madam, teachers, and all my dear friends, today I am feeling glad that my teacher gave me the chance to share my thoughts between the coming generations of the country.

So what you all think that education is the must to all yes or no? Yes, it is our path which will take us to the destination which we have set, there is no doubt that the girls and the boys should be educated till they want.

The thinking Of The Ruler People

Before the independence or after sometime of the independence the thinking of the ruler people was that if the girls are been educated then there is no need as they will go out of the house someday later, but the boys were well educated because they are living in the home till they are alive means the food is broken by them to the family, so till the boy child not come to the family the population were increasing for the need of the boy.

There was more partiality among the girl child and the boy child in the family. Girls were married at the age of 12 to13 because the thinking of the family was that the girl child where the load to the family.

Importance Of The Girl Child Today

Today the people understand the importance of the girls in the family as all the family needs the women in all the way like the mother, sister, wife and many more.

People got to understand that the girl can do anything if she will set in her mind, now in all the sector the girls are challenging the boys and the family also support their daughter to go ahead in whichever field she wants that is in the dance, painting, engineering, singing and the most important of the women are also in the field of politics and in the sports the women made the record such as the Geeta Fought, P.t Usha and many more in the field of the astronauts, since the girls are equal in all the position today.

Importance Of Education

Parents are also giving the better to their children if they are also from the rural cities they send their children to the other state with all the facilities to study, after the certain time the daughters are those who look upon their parents, and today this is the fact.

The government has started many of the campaigns for the girl education like “Beti Bachao, Beti Padao” All the children should be given the education in the better manner to know that what is right and wrong.

Girls need a lot of support from her family. More than 50% of girls fail to take the education, or they have been a drop out from the age of 12.

Children are like the paper, once we crush it then it would never be straight so at the correct time support it and write in it and don’t neglect the work of the girl child and support her in every walk of the life.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 8:15 am

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