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A Pleasant evening to one and all present here, today I am here to speak a few words based on the importance of the dreams and what is the actual meaning of the dream.

What Do You Mean By A Dream?

Dream in the true sense means that the serious imagination, thoughts, the thinking which comes in the mind while sleeping, and the hard work done by us to achieve it from the heart are our dream, it is the ambition to reach till our destination which has been set in our mind.

And according to APJ Abdul Kalam “Dreams are not that what you see in the sleep, they are things that do not let you sleep.

Reaching The Destination

 To be the successful person the life there comes many of the stones that mean the obstacles in the way, but the person who has set his ambition in the true sense will make out the dreams comes true for his/her life.

This not means that to achieve the success, we should throw out the relationship and also for the fame cheat the relationship people this will not make you the real successful men.

In my point of view, the truly successful men who have to achieve his dream should be successful in the prosperity, relationship, health and very important the successful life.

If we have set our dream in our mind, there will be the fear in some stage of our mind, but we should think that the fear will make you more confident to achieve the goal, feeling very overconfidence will let you down from all the side.

While completing your goal there will be the failure, but if we face the failure then we should not step back, as there is the well-said proverb “try till you success” means we should not step back with the goal.

We should have the firm faith in yourself we should not listen to others what they are saying. We should have the technique of overcoming the fear in life when we have the power to achieve something in our life.

Importance Of Dream

As we all know that the opportunity strikes in the life for one time not again and again if we don’t have the courage to do the things we get then we will lack back with the work.

Some of the work is kept for tomorrow by excusing the work given for today, so tomorrow never comes for us, so the work is left back, and we never think of doing it tomorrow, we should do the work at the given time, as time is very important which never wait for anyone we have to set the time properly if we have to be the success.

Do the work today only because there is the fact that tomorrow will come or not because our life is in the hand of God and we must make the life come true.

So dreaming is not the issues we should dream as much we can if we have the strength to achieve it.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:57 am

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