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Good morning to one and all present here, respected sir, madam, teacher, and all my dear friends today I am here to speak few words based on the effects done by the global warming and then how to manage the disaster, I think that all are confused that what is the topic based on that is the disaster management.

What Is The Disaster?


As we all know that the disaster can be of any type it never tell us and come it suddenly destroy the nature and the property of the people, this can be either man-made disaster like the war, destruction, bomb blast, and many more things, and on the other hand the natural disaster such as the tsunami, earthquakes, floods, volcanoes eruption and many more create large problem to the people and many death is caused, this disaster is sometimes caused due to the  problem is done by the people and there is the increase in global warming due to the greenhouse effects.

This problem is throughout the world and since this is affecting the lot for the nature and the life of the people and the property all are destroyed, so if there are the chances of any of the natural disaster than there are some of the organization who look after this all the problem and then they support the people during this all the problem.

What Is The Disaster Management?

During the disaster time when the people are suffering then the management authorities take part to help the people.

If there is the floods in one of the state or in the cities than the people of that cities are transfer to another city by the use of the helicopters, the people of the authorities give there 100 % to save the people.

All the facilities are given like the foods are given by the government of India as there are some of the reserves of food grains are kept during the period of the disaster.

During this time the people are helpless, and there should be the rescue taken by the individuals.

National Disaster Management Authorities

The national disaster management authorities were established in the year 2009; this is governed by the nine members board chaired by the prime minister of India.

The function if this authority is to take part in the help of the people during the disaster, and they should take the prevention of the disaster if they come to know that there are some of the causes of the disaster, this authority as the flow responsibility to safeguard the people of the country, with this rescue officers there are other people of the authorities for the help they are the Central arm police force, border security force, central reserve police force, central industrial security force and the Indo-Tibetan border police give there help to the national disaster management authorities, all the force come together, and they work for the people betterment.

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Updated: January 30, 2019 — 12:03 pm

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