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Being clean and neat is the first thing which we learn in school and this is the first thing which anyone looks in you. So to be clean and neat you should always follow the instructions which are given by your family and your teachers.

School Prayer

If we look at the school prayer, every day in the start of the school we go for the school prayer and this is the time when each one of us can sing-song and worship to God, to give us the knowledge and help us in our future, but simultaneously we also worship the God of neatness. Because there is a saying if you are clean then God is near to you and if you are unclean the devil is about to reach you.

Well, this is the reason that being in the school and worshipping God the first thing in the school which we do, we have to be neat and clean which makes the worship reach God directly and in all our dreams and working hard comes true.

Full-Day in School

We all have been into school and we understand how much time and effort it takes to sit in the school for the whole day. We also know that the school is the place where we have been more than our home because it is the place where we learn each and everything and this is the first place where we understand that we should be neat and clean and also keep our surroundings neat and clean.

Being in the school for more than 8 to 9 hours is not easy but we make sure that all the rules and regulations of the school are followed properly because this is one of the important things which we should follow in the school duration and even after leaving the school.

Going to a Picnic From School

In our whole life of school duration, once we have gone to the school picnic but we are very much aware of the rules and regulations which we come to know before going to the school picnic. There are rules which are given by our family members and even some rules and regulations from the school authority’s teachers about cleanliness, they are with us the for the whole time but then too it is the responsibility for each one of us to make sure that the rules are followed in the proper way.

Competitive Exams

Now, what is the competitive exams are going too much in our school durations. We can find so many different-different times of competitive exams for some of the exams, even school gives us the permission to skip our lectures and go to appear for that particular exam in these exams we have to visit other school premises and appear for the particular exams over there, also we are judged by our habits and neatness this represents the quality of our school.

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