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 Good evening to one and all present here. Today we all gathered here for the special occasion of Annual Day Celebration in our respected school.

On behalf of our school, I welcome our esteemed chief guest and all the parents over here.

As every talent is important, so here are children of the middle school and also of the junior college who are eagerly waiting to show their skills.

Today, I am proud to share with you that our school has been selected as the best school in this city.

Our school children have proven the excellence in their academic year subjects and also in the various non- academic fields like sports, art, singing, and dance too. Their previous efforts to keep doing well have shown good result.

I am proud to say that our school has the best inspiring teachers, we do not hire them, we provide them the opportunity to view their excellence and the attire, and always inspire them to keep learning and upgrading their knowledge to the children and the teacher are the most powerful instrument of the school and yes we all can see it, and this is the fact.

After a few minutes, we will begin the performance of the day. The children work very hard for this day and practice with their studies too.

The attitude of all the children that have never say die spirit and one that is shown how things can be done by setting the real example Children are like the toy because after rotating the key it will act like us how we teach them.

Inculcating the right habits, mannerisms and the right attitude towards working hard, not just work is so important at a tender age.

So we begin early. Even the play schools have reduced the entry age of children to two and a half years. Catch them early, as an early bird catches the worm.

Now a day the children miss the time that should be spending with their parents, but today both parents go out for the work, so there is no one to make understand the good things in their life.

So at this movement, I will do not miss an opportunity to remind you how important it is to spend precious time with your children to make them aware of the right and the wrong things. And along with that, a daily basis consistent effort to know what is going on inside the mind of today children is important.

So form a relationship with them that gives them the confidence to share every single feeling and are not afraid to ask you even the smallest and simple questions about life.

It is after all your child who is asking, however embarrassing it may seem to you but learn to answer them in the most subtle.

We have an extremely professional team of counselors at our school they will provide you with all the knowledge based on the children mind.

At last, we will promise that there should be the love given to the young ones, not just love, but let us be their support when they fall back and then give the support to overcome their difficulties.

Let them know that we are always there for them and they have no reason to be depressed or be maintaining their problems alone.

Let us take care of these small innocent buds carefully and see them bloom into responsible, a valuable citizen who can build a strong nation. Our eyes should be open while these children are getting towards the way of success.

I return the stage to this bunch of stars that are waiting to shine upon us their light. As they are very eager to step their foot towards the success

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Updated: January 29, 2019 — 2:15 pm

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