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A pleasant evening to one and all present here, today I am here to speak few words on the agriculture and you all are gathered here to listen to the importance of agriculture.

As we all are well aware that agriculture is the backbone of our Country without which there may be the big loses to the Economy of our country and also to the mankind of the country.

Uses Of Agriculture 

Food is the basic necessity of the men, if the farmer cultivates the crops then only there will be the food cycle proper if there is the shortage of the food before we were not free from the British rule because the grains were sent out of the country, so there was no food to eat to the people.

  • Contributor To The National Income

When the crops are cultivated then usually the food which is in the need are kept for the country and many of the food grains are sent outside India to the foreign country from that there is the trade between the country so there is the increase in the national income of the country, 59% of agriculture support is there for the National income.’

  • Development Of Industrial Sector

Due to the agricultural process, the industry is working because all the Raw material is sent to industry to work to make the finished product, such as the cotton, textile, oil, jute, tobacco and many more.

Negative Impact Of Agriculture On Environment

As it is the backbone of our country there is also the negative impact of the agriculture on the environment this is as follows:

  • For the agricultural land it needs the plane land where there should not be any kind of the tree, so due to which the trees are cut and due to which the negative impact is fallen in the agriculture.
  • The water for the irrigation is used for the drainage and the river which affect the natural habitat.
  • Due to the use of the fertilizers to the crops the soil get erosion this also causes the groundwater depletion and soil erosion.

Types Of Farming

There is various type of farming process in the agriculture field they are as follows:

Subsistence Farming

In this type of farming the farmers cultivate the crops as much, they need and also for sale. This is a very old technique of farming.

Commercial Agriculture

In the commercial agriculture, the crops are grown like that which can be easily exported to the other country like the crops of sugarcane, wheat, and the cotton.

Shifting Agriculture

Shifting agriculture refers to the agriculture which can be shifted mostly the tribal people undertake this farming to grow the root crops.

Extensive Agriculture

In this method of farming the crops are grown with the help of the machinery and the equipment, this is mainly practiced by the developed country


Plantation Agriculture



In this framing the plants which are grown need the more space and the good amount of the time to grow in the better manner, some of the crops are the coconut, tea, coffee, rubber and many more.

Now a day people are not maintaining the importance of agriculture, so there is a request to all the people present here that support the agriculture as it is our backbone.

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Updated: January 29, 2019 — 2:09 pm

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