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A pleasant morning to one and all present here respected sir, madam, teacher and all my dear friends today I am here to speak a few words based on the life is the adventure if you will see with the eyes, because the life as all the adventure of the happiness and the sadness, there are many types of the adventure which can be planned with the family and also with the friends because this makes very interesting adventure with the friends more than the family, and this is the fact that adventure teach us the lessons in the life and the path of life is not very much simple this can be understood by us only by means of the adventure.

Which Is The Place For The Adventures?

There are many of the places for the adventure, and there are amazing mountains in India were there can be the trekking with the friends and the family and there is the place like the Manali is the beautiful place in which the mountain is covered with the snow and then there is the beautiful adventure of the nature and this is the time when we can get together with the family and the friends also not only the trekking refers to the adventures but also the planning of going to the forest and searching the flowers which are very different and getting is very much difficult, and this will make the adventures for all the people and the friends, the adventures make very much fun with the family.

Preparation Before The Adventure

There is the big preparation for the adventures all the important things are taken by the people who are taking them to the adventure, all the types of goods and the important things for the adventure should be taken by the people like the proper nutrition food, clothes should be taken properly and proper type of water should be taken in the unlimited type because during the adventures there should be the proper type of water taken or carry with them.

Some of the people like the place in the water where there is the fun and more joy able place with the families and the friends, there is more fun than doing the adventure there is fun, but there is also the problem in the adventure like there is the path of the difficulties and if we have the dare then we should complete our adventure and this is the fact that the adventure should be completed by the fun and we should see that there is no harm for the people and also for the animals in the forest during the adventures, we should always be careful of the wild animals during the adventures.

I to love doing the adventure with the family and the friends with the great joy and we should enjoy it as much as we can because there is the lesson after the adventures in life.

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Updated: February 1, 2019 — 11:51 am

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