Advantage And Disadvantage Of Social Networking Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Social networking is a process in which people create Network and create the relationship between each other. Social networking is a good thing in which people can communicate to each other and share their ideas and views on anything which place and vital role in the development of the country and also the development of the relation between.

Social networking is a great source by which the people can help their other people. Social network done using various social media apps and website in which the people register their user name and by after that they can communicate with any other person in the world who is having and user name registered on that social media app or website whether he is living in another country or any corner of the earth you can connect to him in an instant time.

The social network is very important for the development of the country as it brings the people in unity and also fights against various problems in unity as there is a huge problem in unity which can do anything in the world. Everyone has the power of creating and social network around them as there are some people who create friends easily and connect to them but there are some people known as introvert people who don’t like to talk to other people and create a friendship with other people and they don’t use social networks.


The social networking is very cheap to communicate with each other and the social networking apps and websites are very cheap and also they are free for everyone that consists of various services provided to land register users.

The social networking software also provides various advantages to the user that the user can communicate with another user whether he doesn’t know him or knows him.

Nowadays the social networks are develop in such a way which height the high density of the user and they can’t talk to any other person where they just know the user name of the person but do not know anything other about the person that is why does he live and about his any other identification ID like the Gmail id which is a renowned ID and everyone has a Gmail ID.

Nowadays the social media has become advanced and have features like life online video chatting in which you can upload your live video and other peoples can see what you are doing in the real time.

The social media and networks also have the video call feature in which you can do a video call to other people and have a video chat with each other and they also have video conferencing in which we can do video chatting with the number of people from the same time.


There are various disadvantages of social networking as it has an adverse effect on the life of the people and they also consume more time using the social network in which they do not utilise the time in doing some good work rather than I just spend their holding on the social network just to chat with each and every one.

due to social network the people are becoming bumper and Dumber than before as they only you social networks rather than they would have such various information on the Internet and gains from knowledge and due to which the general knowledge is also degraded they also don’t know the Prime Minister of the country and also don’t know anything about it geographical conditions about their country.

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