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The word social media is an online communication media by which every individual can communicate to any other individual by use of this social media.

Using social media, the communication can be done between people who are living in different areas at any distance.

Social media is becoming very popular and also have become like a very important part of life as nowadays everyone has a social media as source to various social websites and applications through which they cannot only communicate to their people, but they can also communicate with two people whom they don’t to know and also don’t know what do they do.

The social media is used by the people for communicating with each other, but the main purpose of social media is for marketing which is also known as social media marketing which helps in increasing the sale or services of any company.

Social media has now proved as a boon to human life as it has helped in the development of the human social life through various means.


Social media has become a huge platform for sharing information and also sharing the best movement of life with other peoples.

Social media is also and platform for expressing yourself in a different way where you have your account in which you have a display picture which is for the identification of the persons, and you have access to communicate with any person living on any part of the earth.

It is a used source of information as nowadays people share various important information through the social media which has greater speed and due to which everyone receives the information instantly.

Social media has also had a great hand in decreasing the unemployment by providing employment through various people through social media; there are various ads of employment provided on social media so that anyone can access the information.


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The social media has made easy everyone in using the social media in which they greet everyone in the world living in different places, but they forget to wish their own family and friends around them.

Social media has disturbed the face to face communication as nowadays people tend to use social media for education rather than meeting the person and having better communication.

Nowadays mostly everyone has access to the social media mostly the small children have access to the social media in which they get various information about whether it might be good or bad at their young age. The young age individual is added to the social media, and they do anything for getting the social media access.


India is the second largest number of internet users as there is a huge development in the internet technology and now it has launched the 4G technology which has increased the internet user with the highest paid and now it is trying for 5G.

There is various problem raised and share on social media in India, and also there are various issued to place due to the use of social media in which an individual violate anything on the social media.

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