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We all look at the trees and imagine what would be the world without the trees well as a human being we can’t even imagine a world without trees because of the human being is surviving on the trees.

Growth of Trees

Now you must be thinking about how does a tree grows and what the life cycle of a tree is.

Well, the tree grows from the help of the sunlight it consumes the sunlight for generating his food and three only need a sufficient amount of water and good soil to grow itself self this is the basic requirement for the trees.

This is a very common thing which a human being can provide to the trees. It doesn’t matter that what things a human being can give to the trees the human being should only make sure that the plants which are planted on a particular soil should never cut them from their roots they should be always taken care of and give all the importance which they need.

What Does Tree Provide

This are very big things to explain because a tree provides so many things that we can’t even count on our fingers. First of all the tree provides us with the oxygen the basic requirement of a human being to survive on this earth.

If the trees do not provide the oxygen and inhale the carbon dioxide which the human beans produce to this earth. One day the human will vanish from the existence within a few minutes because if the trees do not inhale the carbon dioxide and release oxygen the human race. If the tree would-be cut down then from where the fruits and vegetables will come.

A without eating the fruits and vegetables a human being cannot be strong enough to do his daily duties. Whatever he wants to do he needs energy and the energy he would get only by eating the fruits and vegetables. After all, these trees have multiple uses and we cannot even imagine how much we need trees in our day to day life.

Save Trees

After knowing all this importance of trees what is the human been doing with this the information they are not even bothering about the problem. The human race would find some ways to save more trees but for now, our main concern should be to save the trees and avoid any kind of cutting them.

We should plant more and more trees or else the problem of air pollution will be increased in each and every city and the people have to leave the city’s and shift somewhere else to breathe. 

So if we don’t want our future to be in pollution and with an unhealthy environment, we need to plant more and more trees today to secure our future. 

Awe need to also share this knowledge with our kids so that in future when it comes to them they don’t waste nature and plant more and more trees to survive and to give the earth in healthy hands of the upcoming future generation.

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Updated: January 9, 2020 — 9:29 am

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