Short Essay On Train Journey For Students And Children In Simple English


A trip via prepare presents us with numerous scenes. Be that as it may, these scenes vary in character as per the area through which we pass.

Subsequently, we see one sort of sight in going through assembling locale, a significant diverse sort of sights in farming areas, while the scene changes again in going along the seacoasts.

When going through assembling areas, one principle highlight of the scene is by all accounts, the substantial number of tall smokestacks. For the most part, these fireplaces send forward thick volumes of smoke, which renders the climate cloudy; and gives a filthy and smudged appearance to everything around.


Stockrooms and manufacturing plants are seen on all sides; trucks loaded down with merchandise pass and re-go along the line; and there is, for the most part, a lot of clamor and movement.

In agrarian regions, the scene is very extraordinary. Greenfields waving with corn, dairy cattle eating on pasturelands, very farmhouses and rich plantations – these make up a most lovely and pleasing scene. The houses peeping through bunches of trees look exceptionally pleasant, and the flying creatures were singing from branches of trees make sweet music in the ear.

The scene changes again in going along the seacoast. Through the windows of your carriage, you can see the shifting shade of the ocean and the surf beating against the land. Once in a while, the waves dash high, and on different occasions, the ocean is quiet and tranquil. At dawn and sunset, there is frequently a photo of awesome beauty.

On Train Journey

I have gone via prepare commonly. In any case, these were short Journeys. At some point, my dad revealed to us that he is going to Kanyakumari on a work excursion. He chose to take the entire family with him.

We were excited to hear this uplifting news. We pressed our gear and went to Kota via prepare, as our genuine excursion was to begin from that point. At Kota, we boarded the Rajdhani Express for Kanyakumari. We went in a below average AC compartment.


The excursion was extremely agreeable. We went through numerous states. I watched out amid the day and delighted in the view from the beginning. We saw dairy cattle munching, individuals working in the fields, delightful bloom Gardens and plantations of natural product trees. Our prepare made not very many stops. Suppers were served at normal interim. We appreciated the delightful nourishment.

The landscape along the Konkan drift was extremely exceptionally lovely. Our prepare went through numerous passages. At that point, we achieved Ernakulam, a perfect and excellent city. From Ernakulam, we boarded another prepare for Kanyakumari. This piece of our trip from Ernakulam to Kanyakumari was still more pleasant. Finally, we achieved our goal, Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. We can always remember our voyage.

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