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Short Essay on the Dusserhra For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Dussehra is the Festival held in India, it is a very famous festival all over the India. It is a saying that today is the day when the positive energy wins on the negative energy so this is the reason we celebrate this festival in India on the witnessing the vibe of positive energy.

The Story Behind the Shera

Now you must be thinking what is the story behind this festival, well it is a very old story which we can find in the mythological books of Hindu culture and we can also see that how the common man can achieve their target by hard work and dedication. Now without wasting any second we should understand and learn about the story behind this festival.

This festival has a very important role in the mythological books of Hindu culture today. The devil name Ravan was killed and it was done by a common man whose name was Ram. Ram was a very ordinary person and he was the king of Ayodhya and in some circumstances he has to leave his kingdom for 14 years and have to live like a common man in the forest and in his journey of this 14 years of duration his wife Sita and his small brother Lakshman accompanied him.

They also went with him on this journey but as we know that the evil Ravan came to their house and kidnapped the wife of Ram and somehow he managed to send Ram and Lakshman from the house somewhere far from the home.

And in the same duration he came to the place as a pundit for asking food, once Sita came out from the house he managed to kidnap her and take her back to his own kingdom which was known as Lanka, it was the place of many evils and Ravan was the king of all that evil creatures.

Somehow he managed to bring Sita with him to his kingdom and when the Ram and Lakshman came to know about all this situation they made a team of monkeys and attacked to Ravan.

It was one of the toughest fight which you can imagine in your life of common man who was born in a common kingdom who lost his all Empire and lives in the jungle and he have to fight the person who is the king of so many great evils but his dedication towards his wife and the motivation that he needs to free all the people who are troubled because of this Ravan.

Having the faith in yourself is the most important thing which in this story series and on the same day when we call it as the dussehra, it was the day when Ram killed Ravan and everyone got free from the evil activities of Ravan.

Every Year Celebration

This is the reason why every year Dussehra is celebrated with so much of energy and a small program where Rama kills Ravan and free everyone from the cause of Ravan.

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