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Short Essay on Science For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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If we look at our surrounding whatever development we are doing today is just because of science and we cannot neglect that science has given so many different and effective ways to do our work easier and stressed release, this is the reason science is the future of the world.

School Science

If we talk about the school science every student nowadays is interested in science because it is a subject which makes them give the reason behind every action and reaction science always remains a logic behind what ever we do all explain to anyone without logic the science is not X excepted behind every single thing there is the science schools dreams love to understand the concept of this kind of science

They even tried to make some small prototypes from which the students for future generation can get an idea of developing something different or even once they are young enough to rethink on their prototype of the science project. They themselves are capable to do that so never expect less from science because if you understand the core of science you can get all the logics which you required.

College Science

After students go to college they are given option to select science or commerce and most of the students selects science because it is the subject which makes them a part of something bigger. Well science is a very tough subject but it is also one of the interesting subjects which you can imagine there is nothing without logic.

People who tried to fool us by saying that it is a magic well we can find the science behind the magic which they are doing in front of our eyes and we can make sure that people do not believe in such kind of magic which don’t even exist. Everything is related to science and science has all the answers of your queries.

Once the college students have selected the stream as science they can go in multiple fields they have so many different options for their career. It doesn’t matters that they should only go for Doctor or engineer which takes them to a next level, if they focus only on the gaining of knowledge the work is done almost. They have the capability of doing something bigger and great and once they understand the importance of something bigger and great through science they can achieve their goal in very less time.


Let’s see what kind of scientists we have in our country, well the famous scientist we all know Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was from India he is one of the greatest scientist who always wanted that development of the country India and never thought that the knowledge which he has should be only stayed with him.

He always explore his knowledge for the people who are not even capable of gaining it but he always tried his best to share his knowledge with the peoples.

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