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In last few years the Internet has found its importance in every small organisation or in any big organisation. Everywhere the Internet is the most important thing which is required.

If we talk about the big organisations like banking, school, industries and others all this organizations are now under the Internet they are totally dependent on their work from internet.

Internet Growth in Recent Years

Using Internet in recent years has increased a lot. Nowadays people are aware of using Internet without any awareness of advantage or disadvantage. Is any person use their own secret information to keep on Internet but it is not secure. People don’t even make sure that all the information which they are providing to internet is seen by other

People and use your information to blackmail you and take money out of it. This is a common threat right now going on in Internet. World getting your personal information‘s and blackmailing you to release it on the social networking sites.

Upgrade to Internet

Communicational skills which we used to use in olden days for example Post Telegram are all replaced by mobile phones, web cams and messaging applications like WhatsApp. Best of all applications which we use have totally upgraded us and make us with a quick Response.

This also makes the change in our day to day routine life. In olden days we just used to send a post and wait for more than 2 to 3 weeks to get the reply but now after sending a message within seconds you can get the reply and you can upgrade yourself with the information.

Education with Internet

Not all the information which we used to get in olden times worse through the television or the newspaper. But now whatever just happened can be seen within few seconds on your mobile phone. The notifications of any updates or any kind of technology which is been released for you you get it in within few seconds.


E-commerce website now days becoming the biggest business plan for all the businessman is just because of Internet. In our old days when we need to buy a single Laptop we need to go all the way to a big city and there also we can just get the laptop which is available over there.

But now after the e-commerce websites are launch we can sitting at our home find a best laptop on our own range which delivered to your door step. These all features are there in the e-commerce website and this makes easier to have any kind of communication directly to the manufacturer.

Internet Banking

Internet banking is very big concern for the bank accounts people. Now they can do all the transactions without going to the bank or the bank branch. You need not to visit every single day.

With the help of this feature they can transfer whatever amount of money to which ever party they want to transfer. And even the payments which we need to get from the other people can be directly transferred into the Internet banking this is making the new generation useful.

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