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In India, education is given the most priority thing. Every year millions of girls get educated free from the Indian government. They are always given all the necessary things for their better education.

Education in Olden Days For Girls

Well as we know that India was a male dominant society.  Where girls were not given the right to study and live their life according to their will. They were not supposed to get equal to the boys this was a very important reason behind more girls and education.

But even then there were some girls who study and made history. The entire world was against them but they never step back and that is the reason that today all the girls have the right to study. No one can stop your studies until unless you yourself do not demand it.

The girls were always forced to stay at home and leave their entire life in the house. They were never allowed to live life like the boys. From childhood to a young age the girl has to listen to their father and after married till that time she died she has to listen to his husband.

Opportunities For Girls

Now when we know that India is a male-dominated country how could we make the female stronger. Well, we can’t even imagine how strong the females are it’s just that they don’t show their inner strength to us. They keep their soft heart in front of us and always do the best for everyone.

The government understood that this is a very important problem to be solved. Today we can understand that girls in olden days don’t get many opportunities is to study. Because in a family where there are two kids one boy and another one is the girl who had to leave his studies for his brother.

The parents cannot afford to teach two children at the same time this is the reason that the Girls were always told to sacrifice for their family. But no more when the government understood this problem they started a few different things for girls. This helps the girls to get some better opportunities than the boys and also compete with them in every sector.

Today’s Girl

Today if we see the country you cannot make any difference between a girl and a boy. We all want to see India as one common place for girls and boys. The places where boys can work even girls have the right to work equally to them.

The whole organization can be dependent upon a single girl to run. Today the country is not working on the gender bias it is working on the talent. If you had sufficient talent to compete from others you are welcome but if you are not you can stay back and let others do their work.

Making people more reliable on girls because they know that girls are better in their work.

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Updated: February 24, 2020 — 10:22 am

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