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Travelling in a bus gives us the best experience of looking out in the nature. Whenever we travel through bus, most of the time it connected to the nature and it is the best way to travel with a group of people in one shot.

School Buses

Every child in their life duration ones have went into school bus. It can be for any reason for example going to school by bus, going for picnic by bus, going for any tournament, by the school in the bus and many more.

Every school child has traveled in the school buses and it is the greatest experience of all the time.

College Bus

After school when we go to the college we utilize the college buses. Most of the time in travelling from home to college the duration of bus is unforgettable.

It is the best time of every college going student because this is the moment where they can be with their friends and have fun and travelling this is a kind of short distance travel in with your best friend.

Local Transportation Bus

After completing your school and college now we are about to be travel in the local transportation. If persons go for buses of local transportation are very crowded and do not have a seat for everyone in it because of the crowd. Everyone wants to reach to the destination on time no one loves to be delayed for any reason.

Even after school and colleges people who travel in bus have their friend circle in it they don’t know anything about each other they just travel on the same bus on the same time this is more than enough to have a conversation for the people in that bus this makes them feel more comfort table and even the time get pass soon.

Private Buses

People nowadays love to go on a family vacation in which all the family members are involved. Everyone manages their busy schedule for a particular date and make sure that they are present in that family gathering.

But as we all know India is having a huge family’s son to travel all together the best way is to travel in the bus. Indians whenever go for a family vacation they prefer to take a bus because it makes the whole family together even in the time duration of travelling.

Traffic Control by Bus

If we see bus is the solution for our traffic control. Most of the people nowadays prefer to travel with their own vehicles but what if they stop using their personal vehicles instead of using the local transportation buses.

For example if hundred people are travelling from there on bicycles all of them have to refill their fuel in their motorcycles and cars we have to give the maintenance to the vehicle but on the contrary if they use the bus for the transportation it will reduce hundred bicycle on the road at once and then the traffic will be controlled very easily.

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