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Short Essay On Air Pollution For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Using dust, toxic gases, mills, factories, smokes, motor vehicles, etc. are called as air pollution, and it is only possible when the fresh air gets polluted by this. We need clean air for a healthy life.

What Are The Causes Of Air Pollution 

Due to air pollution, there are many causes on earth. The following are the causes of air pollution:

The natural gas combustion, petroleum, automobiles, thermal plants, kitchens, aircraft, railways, agricultural burning, in the industries coal and wood, etc. and also they are soot, CO2, CO, sulfur oxides, fly ash, and also the nitrogen oxides.

For the cosmetic also it causes.

Gem grinding, welding, crushing of stones, etc.

Cotton textiles, wheat flour mills, asbestos are the industries which processing.

Including the pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, weedicides these are the chemical industries.

What Are The Effects Of Air Pollution 

Air Pollution There is a broad classification of air pollutants into the particulates as well as gaseous. The participle of reliable as well as liquid included by the particulate substances. On human beings, “vegetables,” animals, buildings, etc have the adverse effect of air pollution. The following are the various effects on the environment and our health.

The Carbon Monoxide

For the total atmospheric pollutants and it accounts for 50%. By the incomplete combustion in various industries, hearths, motor vehicles, kitchen, etc. of carbon fuels by which it is formed.

With the hemoglobin of blood and impairs its oxygen-carrying capacity, the carbon monoxide combines with it. The carbon monoxide proves lethal, which is at a higher concentration.

The Sulphur Oxides

In the form of sulfur dioxide, they mainly occur. During the melting of metallic ores as well as burning of the petroleum it is produced in the large quantity. Also, coal in the industries, home as well as motor vehicles, thermal plants, etc. are also included.

For the formation of sulphuric acid, i.s. H2SO3 the SO2 combines with the water into the air, which leads to the cause of acid rain. Vegetation includes the chlorosis as well as necrosis it caused. It causes to the eyes by which it gets irritation, and also it causes the injury to the respiratory tract.

Carbon Dioxide

There is rising steadily in the content of CO2 it is due to the excessive combustion activity. By accumulating the carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it absorbs more reflection of the infrared radiation. For the greenhouse effects, this could cause in the increase in the temperature.

The Nitrogen Oxides

Through the biological as well as non – biological activities the nitrogen oxides produced from the nitrates, nitrites, solar flares, high energy radiation, electrical storms, etc.

In the combustion of industries, the human activities form the nitrogen oxides, and also it involves the automobile, nitrogen fertilizers and incinerators. For the formation of the proxy- acyl nitrates or the PAN, it acts on the unsaturated hydrocarbons.

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