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Self-Respect Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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The most important thing in the world is self-respect. Each and every person should have their own self-respect no one else should be allowed to disrespect you in any condition, your respect is in your hands so make sure that it is treated with care.

Every Person

Every person should have their own self-respect because this is something which no one can take from you even if you are working at the lowest position in your office you need some respect and if you allow others to disrespect you they will disrespect you with any kind of means.

So always make sure that whatever position you are working on you should respect yourself first and then others will start respecting you.

Respect Women

Respecting woman is the most important thing in every man’s life because every men should understand that if the woman’s are not in the existence or not treated as equal as we are, one day we have to suffer a lot because woman’s are the one who gave birth to a man or to a woman.

Woman’s are the one who take care of yours when you are you when ever you are hungry she is none other than your mother and even the person whom you will be living for your life long is also a woman and she is your wife you need to respect her and every woman who is in your life because if you do not respect woman’s you cannot respect yourself.

Respect Elders

Nowadays the young generation is not bothering about the elders they are disrespecting to elders even they don’t talk to them just because they are boring and not updated like you. But you should never forget that there was a day when they used to work hard and they were the updated ones from which you have on and today the life which you are living is somewhere connected with their hard work and sacrifice.

So never disrespect any elder in your surrounding or at your home every elder has their life journey in a different way you can always get good experience from their journey and use it in your career. There is nothing called waste when it comes to the knowledge of life and the elders have the most important thing which is called the experience of life.

Respect Your Country

Many people after leaving India stay in abroad and get a citizenship of another country well we don’t have any problem with their way of living but we just have a problem in which they treat their country.

If you hear any person who went to foreign at least for once in his life he starts saying that the foreign is far better than my country well it is okay that the country which you have visited is better but they don’t face the problems which we are facing and then to we are a developing country.

We have the second largest population in the world and we always walk with our loved ones we do not leave anyone behind and move forward so this is the reason we should respect our country.

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