Science And Future Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Science is a word which is the derived from the Latin word scientia which means knowledge and which means the systematic approach to the knowledge and Facts and also various explanation which are needed for a process.

Science is also and studies of various observations which are done on any process or any experiment.

There is science behind each, and everything has a scientific explanation, but there are some things where the science gets field pin explanation.

Science is a sector of doing research in which people research on various objects and elements and also various experiments and conclude the result.

Science is so much important that there is a subject known as science for the students of schools and colleges in which they learn various facts about many things.


Future is known as the time which has not passed and had time to come. Everyone think about their future and also about the future of the country and also the technology that will be available in the future.

When and Technology is unique and really good people say that it has been coming from future as they don’t know about its system and how it works and they think that it is like magic it does.

Everyone does hard work to improve their future and also improve their future life. It is very hard to predict the future as it can change any time due to the external factors, there are some decisions which people have to take at a time, and they get the result of their decision in the future, and they cannot predict it at any time.


Science and future are a good combination, and they are well related to each other. As science is the best thing which helps us in making our future better and also develop various infrastructure and various inventions are done by the science to improve the future.

Everyone thinks about the future that it will be scientific and there might be various scientific Technologies which field made the human life very easy.

People make the scientific research unique every time so that they will get the unique result and will be very useful in the future.

Ten science our future sometimes are also pronounced as the scientific future in which as everyone will get educated and know some scientific reasons the future will become and scientific future in which there will BA scientific explanation behind everything in the future.


There is a huge importance of Science as science is a technology which will develop our present and also will help in our future and future is also very important as everyone thinks about the future and they work hard in their present to make their future better and happy.

The combination of Science and future is very good, and it is very important to develop our future and also develop our future of our country through various scientific inventions and various scientific Technologies.

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Updated: December 28, 2018 — 10:56 am

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