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School Uniform Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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A symbol of a student is always in school uniform. Every school has it own designs of uniform there are so many schools and so many uniforms which we can’t even imagine. Student love to wear the uniform out of the school but eventually it’s not possible.


Well there are several uniforms which we have to wear in our life duration, but the first uniform which we wear in our life is of a school uniform. The uniform which has the indication of going to a particular school it shows that you belong to this this school and you cannot enter into any other school which has a different uniform.

The crowd of students is too much and seeing them in the same uniform makes more complications to the teachers to recognize the student but it is even fun to wear the same dress like others.

Picnic in Uniform

Every school goes for a picnic once in a year over there they always prefer the students to wear the particular school uniform so that if any other school is also available over there for the picnic they can recognise their students and keep a safe distance between the schools.

If in case we are not wearing the school uniform and the get mix with other school no one can make them understand that they are not belonging to the particular school and then it will be a trouble for both the schools to manage that student and send him safely back to the school.

Extra Curriculum Activities

And when we study in the school we also saw so many different extra curriculum activities for example we learn to draw, do different type of craft work, in sports and exhibitions.

Many times this happens that Students need to go to some other school for extra curriculum activities and over there to recognise which student is from which school they need to wear their uniforms and make sure that they represent their own school.

In School Uniform

Many students are very naughty in school they always try to bunk and Rome around but they forget that while going from home to school they were wearing the school uniform and if you wear school uniform on the road and for everyone comes to know that you belong to the school. And they can recognise that yes you have bunked the school duration and having fun on the roads.

So always remember if you are planning to bunk the school you have a pair of extra clothes and before leaving the school change them so that you can have fun in your way.

School Without Uniform

Out of India there are so many schools which do not have school uniform they do not prefer that their children’s should be in a school uniform. Well I don’t know why this is but wearing a school uniform in the school duration is the best thing which we can imagine it makes you feel special and shoes you a different way from others.

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