Essay On Save Electricity For Students & Children In Simple English

In this, today’s world electricity can be said as the most precious and necessary things that we living things needed as we will not be able to live without electricity and it would take us to the back to the dark ages for many of us.

As in the past there was no electricity as the power of electricity has been discovered in the recent century and it has become the main thing for our existence as we use electricity for most of our Works from the lightning up our homes to running many machines and also electricity is the main thing to run the modern technological innovations.

The electricity is generated by the natural resources that are water and there would be the shortage of water that could lead in the future and because of this if we want electricity we should conserve the water.

Need To Save Electricity

There is a very much need to save the electricity as our health and the education systems are run under the electricity and the agriculture facilities are also conditioned by the electricity.

As in the hospital for the treatment the surgeon needs the electricity in the operation theatre and also in the IT industry electricity is a main thing not in this such things electricity is mostly needed in all our things as in office in passengers at the railway platform and in many things also in means of modern transportation many electric trains which are being constructed in big cities that serve so many people everyday as if this electricity is not supplied it could get stop and the work of many people could also get stopped.

This electrical service has given a great boost to the modern civilized life. As we can see that the electricity is used in all forms of our life so we need to do the things that can save the electricity.

Measures To Save Electricity

We need to save the electricity as our small attempt could be helpful for the sale of electricity as when we are at home we should be very careful about using the electrical gadgets by us such as these fan lights air condition refrigerators water heaters should be used in a way that we could be able to save some of the electricity as we should not put them on all the time.

When we go out we should always check that all the buttons and all the electronics things are been off properly as this little things could help to save much electricity.

Other than this the television sets should not be open when we are not in need of it and we should always see it for less time has it consumes more electricity. We should use the light and the bulb that takes less power and also should not on in the daytime and we should use the natural light that comes from the sun.

And also there many industries that use electricity all the day and because of this the electricity is not been saved and so we should do and carry out some things at our home that could be helpful to save electricity.

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Updated: December 25, 2018 — 8:40 am

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