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Save Earth Essay in English For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Save earth or save environment both the things are similar to each other. Saving your environment or saving your earth is something which is very important right now in our world because if the environment is not safe the future is in dark. The people will always think that all the resources which we could have saved in our past we didn’t do that.

Various Ways to Save the Earth

According to a calculation right now the earth is facing the biggest threat of all the time which is known as global warming. Global warming what is this actually? It is the pollution which is the human being has created in his day to day needs.

How global warming does get created? Global warming is something which is been created by the human beings when they use their cars, their motorcycles, from the factories the smokes coming out this is the kind of pollution which is making the global warming to the high-risk factor to our environment.

Other Pollution

If we see around us what kind of pollution we can find, people are wasting water they are using the water to just wash their cars they almost use 4 to 5 bucket of water to wash a single car where there are still so many places in the world where they don’t even get a single bucket of water to drink. This is the way we waste the most important resource which is known as water so easily.

Now we come to the air-pollution as I said the car makes the air pollution the bike and the factories which release the smoke, which are the most three factors which are creating this air-pollution just because these things are very small to visualize does not mean that they cannot be given any all the rights to destroy our air.

Cutting the Forest

If we see nowadays we are living in the cities but we don’t have any Forest nearby that is the reason all this pollution is not even getting consumed by the trees.

We all know that trees pick the carbon dioxide and release oxygen but just to build more buildings more Vilas to live in the human have stopped thinking about the forest and started cutting down all the trees which were making them live on this earth.

The trees never ask for anything they always give whatever they could have but then to the human being have cut them and don’t even think what will be the consequences after he cut down to all the forest.

How to Save the Earth

To save the earth we have to be or a good nice and make sure that we follow the rules which are very important. First, we have to start using the local transportation to travel from one place to another which helps the air-pollution to get reduce, second, we need to place more and more trees to make sure that they grow and make up for environment again as healthy as it was in the past.

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