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Rythu Bazar is mostly conducted by the farmers of the Indian state. This Rythu Bazar is being conducted in the Indian country and it is only conducted in which state of Telangana in India as it is a farmers market it has been helped by the government of Telangana for the small-scale farmers and so because of this the farmers are able to arrange and conduct this rythu bazar very well.

The farmers with the small land holdings are very much getting useful from this rythu Bazar and they also get help from the Government of Telangana and this rythu Bazar Idea was been started in the year 1999 in the month of January from then this rythu Bazar is been conducted every year in the state of Telangana and it is held by the government of the state to the farmers.

The main model of Rythu Bazar

As the market is been started only in the state of Telangana for the help of the farmers in this market the farmers get together and sell their products and crops directly to the consumers as the people go and purchase these crops from the farmers directly and there will be a no middleman between them as the farmers can sell to be consumers directly.

This Bazaar is mostly conducted for the small-scale farmers who are not able to earn more because of their products and because of the middleman they are not able to get a more amount of money they deserve so this bazar was conducted mostly for them. The small-scale farmers come in this Bazar to sell their products they directly sell their product to the consumer and they get a better price for their products as it helps in reduction of prices in other vegetable Markets and vendors.

By this system that has been started it is very useful for the farmers as they get their price as well and it is also useful for the consumers as economic and purchase directly from the farmers and they can we get their products in some low amount of price so the farmers and the consumers get good quality products and the transportation money would be saved by the middlemen.

Help from Rythu Bazar

As this rythu Bazar is been a great benefit for the farmers and it has become a kind of business for them as they cancel directly the products to the consumers and because of the farmers cancel all the products in a great Rise and they did not have to give permission to their agents as well.

And because of all this there is a demand of these rythu Bazar and because of this there are many productions of small-scale farmers who are participating and coming in this rythu Bazar to sell their products and it is mostly helped by the government of Telangana and there are many about 7-8 Bazar that are being held every year in the Telangana state and it has also been introducing in the other parts of the state and country as well.

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