Essay On Rural Development For Students & Children In Simple English

Rural development is the development that is done for the improvement of the living of conditions of the people in the rural areas and to develop rural areas and convert it into urban areas. The development of these rural areas are very much important in many of the countries and as well it is also important in countries like India as many people of India live mostly in the rural areas in the villages which are not developed properly and people here lives as they are destroying their life and a new day they face some new challenges for them in the society they are living.

For the development of the country and the Welfare of the country is dependent upon the prosperity of the villages. There are people living without their daily needs as they are not able to get daily needs they are not provided with sufficient water and all the things which are needed in our living life they are not provided as in this area people mostly fight every day to get these needs to them. No development no buildings like the urban areas nothing mostly peoples lives in small areas and live their life.

Ways For The Development Of Rural Areas


As there are many ways to develop a rural area into an Urban Sector as the Government of every country and the Government of India should take some attention on this places and improve the condition of the villages.

Mostly the people who are educated and live in the urban cities should visit to these rural areas and plan many projects for the development of these areas in low budget as because of this it could be able to handle the development of these areas properly by the government with the help of the employees who are well educated and know all the knowledge of this sectors.

There should provide little of education and many schools for the children in these areas there are mostly the problem of sanitation so government should see this problem and solve the sanitation problem as quickly as possible because it is the main problem that is ruining the development of the country should construct a proper Road for the travel and create such a city that can be able to compare with the other urban cities.

The government should take some actions for the people who are not maintaining a Clean hygiene if they are not able to maintain it they should teach them as they should arrange many schools that would be done to teach people who are not able to maintain their Clean hygiene. As when the people in these areas will able to support the people who are trying to convert the area into an Urban Sector so there will be a great development in the villages.

After Rural Development


When there is a proper road and a proper means of communication in the rural areas the methods of cultivation and the supply problems should be also get implemented and because of all this things the people in the villages could be able to live their life properly as compared to the urban people this people also able to live the life.

Proper education and various scheme should be implemented as because of the education that is given to the children in this village every child would be able to make their name in some fields and able to proud our country and this leads to the overall development of our country in all the fields.

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