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If we talk about the road rage nowadays this is a very common problem seen on the roads. Most of the accidents are happening because of this and to avoid this kind of problems even the government is taking the proper steps. To make sure that this never happens again

A Threat to Life of Walking People

Now you must be thinking about what would be a threat to a person who is walking on the road. When it is a very big threat to walking on the roads just because of the people who are not taking proper care of their driving.

The people who are walking on the proper side also have to face these issues. They are becoming victims without any reason they were just walking by the right lane and the people who don’t care for the people who are walking on the road.

Government Laws

There are so many laws against this kind of road rage accident. But by doing a personal settlement this kind of accidents are not been considered.

The government has so many different rules and regulations to stop this kind of behavior but we as an in the responsible citizen of India are not taking the proper actions against it. We think that who is going to be in all these problems of government.

Let’s just give up the amount of money or some kind of settlement against off the crime which he or she has done. Well, it is their own wish that they want to go with the rules and regulations or go on with the personal settlements. 

But as a responsible citizen of India, they should understand that they should follow the rules and regulations which the Indian government has made for their betterment.

Follow the Rules on The Road

Now if we talk about the rules and regulations the people who are driving do not follow the rules. If the drivers follow all the rules and regulations there will be no road bridges happening in the whole country.

But as a common man, we don’t understand and we don’t even consider the rules. We are always in a hurry to reach somewhere and that is the reason these accidents happen. Today if we are facing any kind of accidents it is just because of our own mistakes.

We have seen most of the two-wheelers, drivers, never be in a queue they are always in a hurry to reach somewhere. Just imagine when you are in a hurry and you are not following the rules some other vehicle comes and hits you on the road.

Nobody is going to come and pick you up to send you to a hospital because everyone is busy and they are in a hurry to reach somewhere. So before going for any kind of rush you should understand that is there are some rules and regulations which you have to follow. While you are on the roads and it is your responsibility that everyone should follow the rules.

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Updated: January 10, 2020 — 11:09 am

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