Road Accidents

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What are accidents? An accident is something which shows the carelessness of a person while traveling. By taking care car or bike all the people who drive the vehicle do not keep proper guidance and makes their security at the fair level that is the reason all these accidents happen.

Capital of India

Delhi is the capital of India well we all know that. Delhi is very crowded because of the people it also one of the most populated polluted city in India and because of the pollution, there are so many accidents which happen.

If we see, for example there are smoke on the roads which does not appears what is on the road and makes the road disappear and because of that the people cannot understand that there is a car in front of them or there is some or the other kind of blockage on the road and they drive on a very high speed and get into an accident which is seriously not would have happened on that day if they have to make sure that they are following all the rules of the government.

The Bike Drivers

In India, the bike riders do not even wear the helmets for their own safety. India is trying to make sure that if they try to wear the helmets for any kind of accidents happen they can be kept as security but the Indian Youth do not even respond on that. They just ride on their bikes and go with the rash driving.

The Alcohol Drivers

Now after completing the bike riders we can also see the people who drink and drive. Most of the accidents which happened with four-wheeler cars are just because of drink and drive. There is a town that most of the accidents happen just because the person is drunk and he is driving the car.

If we have a person who is drunk and going to drive we should always avoid him to drive the car because it is not just his life which he is going put in risk but his whole family which he is putting on a high risk. So make sure that if you find any person who is drunk and going to drive a car make sure that person won’t even get into the car on the driver’s seat.

Students Responsible for Road Accident

All the students who have their scooters and bicycles are very enjoying their rides but they never think that what if they are using their bikes or bicycles in the wrong way. The thinking of the students is that if they are students they are not going to get any kind of issues related to it.

So most of the accidents which happened hour because of the student’s mistake. They do not follow the rules and regulations which are made for their betterment. After getting out of your school or college you should always check the road and drive your vehicle at an appropriate speed.

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