Essay On Right To Education For Students & Children In Simple English

The right to education can be said as one of the human rights that every child should go to the school and take education from the age of three years when the education starts till completing all their graduations children should take their education.

Education is a thing through which children could be able to learn and write many things and also there are many education systems which provide to teach their mother language as well as example there are Marathi and Hindi languages are also been taught in the schools for children so they could be able to learn their mother tongue as fast as well other than that there are also many science maths and many other things in education which help the students to get more knowledge about the world.

This right to education is an act which is universal and has been practiced by many of the countries and also it helps for the women education as well.

Education-A Important Thing In Life

Education is the most important thing in every people’s lives as it gives knowledge and also it gives some of the life lessons of nature as well and it is very much useful for every people in their whole life and in every part of their life.

And by this right to education act that has been passed all the people of a certain country could take education as their parents send their child to seek education from their childhood and if there is a shortage of money then this act passed by the government could help the parents to provide education to their children and because of these all the children could be able to seek education and go to school and if all the people and children are literate in a country than there is a good development in the country’s future.

Every citizen should take at least some of the education as it can help them. There should be a compulsory force for the people to take education to a certain level to be a good and standard citizen of a country.

Because of this the act that has been passed of the right to education many women who are not able to provide education by the people in the society are getting the good amount of education and all the problems are being handled by the government.

Mostly in education, there is no need for the discriminations that are being done by the people in the education systems all the things are equal as people are allowed to take education.

Right To Education In India

In India there are many educational fields and institutes that are been developed by our government and all the people are free to take education there is no restriction for the people as every people every caste people can take education.

In India, in the past, there is a restriction for the woman to seeking education but this problem has been solved by the government of India and there are also women who are taking education and doing well in making their country proud.

So education should be a basic thing in every people’s life and everyone should take some education to be literate and to get knowledge of things that are going in this world.

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