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Respect is a thing which comes in different forms as it can be said as to honor other people for their actions wisdom and their status.

For respecting others we can directly say as respecting and do honor of our parents and our elder ones.

It is only on us to whom we should respect about their work and deeds they did towards us through all this we should know to whom we have to respect.

Respecting someone can be said as to recognize and to respect them through their achievements and what they have done.

The people who take care of us and we also get to know their values and from all this we respect them.

Respecting each other never lets us down as it creates a great community among the people and all the people comes together if everyone respects each other in a society.

As an example of respect, we can say that respecting our national flag as it represents our country and to respect our country many people sacrifice their life and they show their respect towards the national flag and so also we do for respecting our country.

Ways of Respecting

For respecting others there are also some ways to respect such as when we call someone we should always call them sir or madam and these things show respect towards them.

When a person is saying something and we should always listen to its words and opinions as it can also be set a key form of respect.

Respecting can also be said as we respect our government as they have made many laws and rules to run our country and by respecting them we should always follow the rules and regulations and it shows the respect towards our country and government.

To respect others we are taught by our parents are and also taught by our teachers in school they teach us how to respect others and because of their values, we also respect them.

Respecting can also come in the religious beliefs as to respect different caste and community and also to believe in them is also said as respecting.

Respecting for others means that a person has some values for him his advice and suggestion that he gave are very important to him and it is very much important to respect one another in any relationship.

How to Earn Respect

Earning someone’s respect is a greater feeling for every individual to earn the respect he has to do something special for the person. Never show anger towards any people be helpful to others don’t make any excuses and always act peacefully towards other people and because of all these qualifications in a person everyone likes to respect this person and they get proper respect in society.

For example we can say that the sportspersons who win many trophies for our country and take their name at top of the all the countries and because of this we have respect for them as they have earned our respect by showing their talent and to make our country proud and their also many people who do for their country and we directly respect them this are the things which every people should do to earn respect in a society.

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