Respect For Elders Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


The respect for elders is a process of the act by which you give honor to the elder people which in return the elders give you blessings and also help you in everything.

The younger people respect the elders by various things by bowing their head in front of them and calling them not by their name but by a relation, for example, the younger brother will call the older brother as hi brother and will not call him by his name but the older brother calls his younger brother by name.

It was saying that the people in earlier time they used to respect the elders through various mean and they also used to hear every think of the elders and they also used to obey your elders but nowadays It is seen that the younger people do not respect the elders as much before and they do not hear the things of the elder, and they also disagree with everything that the elder say to them.

The elder people are very helpful, and they have more knowledge then you and they have also gone through a time which was very hard which you might not be able to imagine so it is your responsibility that you should respect them as they are elder than you.


One of the major methods of respecting the elders is by talking them in a polite language and a lower voice so that they feel that you are respecting them and never raise your voice on your elders as it is like you are disrespecting them.

Another method of showing respect towards the elders is that you should know great then whenever you made them like the good night, good morning are asking them how are you.

The behavior against your elder also shows the respect and which is a very important thing that you should behave properly in front of your elders rather than doing mischief in the surrounding.

Another method of showing respect to the elders is by helping them in their work and sometimes show that the work they are doing is very good.

Sometimes Zelda took the various decision of your life, and when you obey the decision you indirectly show respect to them, and you should always follow the decision as they have more experience of the world than you.


It is very important to respect your elders for both of them as when you respect the elders they feel very good about you and when they feel good about you, they help you in various problems of your life.

Are elder also help in taking various decisions of our life which helps in improving our life so it is very necessary that we should obey the decisions of the elder and also respect them to various means and methods.

It is seen that sometimes the younger people do not respect the older people and due to which the older people never help to the younger people and do not share any knowledge with younger people as they think that that is not as any used for the younger people as they know that they are not going to follow them, so this thing should not be happened with you due to which you have to show respect to your elders so that they can help you at problematic situations in your life.

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