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Essay on Rabbit.

Rabbits are those animals which are mostly found in burrows as they stay there in a group and their group is called as warren.

Rabbits are the animals who are famous for hopping as they did not move by walking instead they hop and move and the rabbits mostly eat carrots.

Rabbits can be found in many parts of the world a male rabbit is called as a buck female rabbit is called as the doe and the baby rabbit is called as a kit or kitten. Rabbits have their lifespan of around 31 days.

Since rabbits are considered as the prey animals for many of the wild animals and as they Rome In Open Spaces they mostly hide themselves when they see some danger and wild animals walking towards them as their vision is very wide in an open field and most rabbits are eaten by foxes and also dog and there are also many wild animals who eat rabbits. For escaping they start to hop fast and run towards their burrow to be protected.

Species of Rabbits.

As rabbits come in the family of mammals there are many different types of species of animals that are present all over the world.

There are many types of rabbits that are kept as pets and also there are wild rabbits who roam openly.

There are many of the European rabbits are well known for digging networks of burrows where they spend most of its time in that.

Rabbits are those animals who are found with different species in all the countries such as New Zealand rabbits European rabbits and the other types of species are found in Asia.

People mostly like to play with this beautiful animal and most of the people do rabbits shooting as their meat is also used to eat.

Rabbits as Pets.

As rabbit is found in Open Spaces but there are some people who like to keep a rabbit as their pets as rabbits can make a great pet and they can create great Bond with their owners as they are very beautiful animals.

People mostly like to play with rabbit as while playing with them they can feel them less stressful and they can be as similar as to train a dog.

Most people keep rabbits in a cage as they can feel comfortable and relax and all the things they take care of a rabbit.

To keep a rabbit healthy and Happy we should always keep them out of their cages and keep them to roam in the house as because of this they can be healthy and by seeing them we can also feel happy.

The owners always should take care of their rabbits as they should feed some good food to them as a habit can get infections so to avoid it the owner should take care of them properly.

Rabbits are the most beautiful animal and they should be kept as their pet and should always be trained nicely as they can be a good friend of the people.

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