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Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay for All Students – Read Here

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Now you must be thinking why to be active in every kind of situation so that we could not get hurt or anything could not harm us in any kind of state.

Well, it is a reason that the damage which is about to happen to you is a natural thing but if you take care of yourself it could be lesser then the expectation.

School Children’s

Being a schoolchild, every time the parents top them before doing any kind of work which is not appropriate for them, they are not worried that you could be in any kind of tension but they understand that if they take care of yours properly they can prevent you from any kind of danger or the problems.

The situations can come in any kind of face but to make sure that the problem is not so big, they are just taking care and preventing their children from any kind of danger. They have seen the worst scenarios in their life so they do not want their children should face any kind of situation like that. This is the reason the parents are so protective of their children.

Health Measures

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Now if we talk about people nowadays, it is getting worst day by day because they are not getting the proper care of their health.

Being young gives you more power and immunity to fight from the germs and bacteria which are present in your body.

But slowly and study the germs get stronger and your immune system gets weaker because as you grow older you immunity systems also become weaker so to become a healthy person in your future you should make sure that you take care of your health right now itself.

You should always take care of yourself and take all the important precautions to your body because if it is late and you start taking care of your health at that time it couldn’t be sure that you can come out of that problem easily. So it would be better that you should be prevented by the problems which could happen to you in the future.


If we talk about accidents it is a very common thing which could happen with anyone, we do not plan any kind of accident but it happens with a second and we are not even aware of it. So that is the reason that every time our parents and elders tell us that make sure you ride your bike or car safely.

You should be very much attentive while driving and this is the thing which makes you more active on your drive so that you can drive easily and you can be prevented by accident.

The youngsters nowadays, don’t even understand that going over speed is a cool thing to do but it could harm their life and take them towards a very big danger which can cause death and it could be a very disappointing thing for you and your family.

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