Prakriti Samrakshanam Essay In English For Students & Children


Prakriti samrakshanam is a Malayalam word which has and meaning of Environment protection in English. Environment protection is an act of protecting your environment through various problems in which your environment is in danger due to various human activities and you also have to save the natural resources.

Environment protection is and serious problem that everyone should know everyone should try to protect the environment through various means and methods because the environment is the place which gives everything to everyone.

Everyone knows the importance of protecting the environment but nobody has the time to do something for their environment rather than they pollute the environment through various means by throwing garbage in the environment in the open places like the plastic bottles or sound paper cups.

Environment protection is a very important topic we should be known by everyone as it is very important to protect the environment not only for us but also for our future generation who wants a good and healthy environment.


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Environment protection is an important step towards protecting your environment from various hazards and a decrease of various natural resources which maintains the ecological balance and also stop the depletion of natural resources present on earth.

The Environment protection also helps in protecting the wildlife and also the human life because it is very important for us to have a healthy environment for our healthy body.

It is very important to protect our environment from everyone and also from our self as we also disturb the environment by various means and methods and there are some people who are using the environment for The Prophet by cutting down the trees in the environment for raw material and also making clear land for constructing residential area.

The green cover in the whole world is getting less due to the abandoned cutting of trees and clearing the forest for residential purpose and business purpose which has the adverse effect on the environment and our life.


The environment in India is well protected by the government of India and also by the people of India as they have stopped the illegal use of the environment for the prophet purpose and they also stop other people from using the environment for their own use.

There are various heavy penalties and punishment for the individual caught in the act of disturbing the natural environment and using the natural resources present in the environment for the purpose of profit.

There is also various campaign started in India on environmental protection which spread the Awareness of protecting the environment and how it should be protected in order to get and healthy environment for healthy India.

There are also various places safeguarded as a forest area which is not allowed to be clear and also it is been taken care that more trees are grown and also the cutting of trees should be stopped.

It is said in India if you cut One Tree you should plant Entry on the cover of the tree you have cut.

Today in India everyone knows how to protect the environment and nowadays people are using various Eco-friendly products and also the plastic has been banned in India by the government of India to put a step towards the protection of the environment and also for the aquatic animals.

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