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Plastic is an indescribable thing that is present in our nature. Be as human beings are using plastic in our daily routine. And not even caring about the consequences because of plastic.

Usage of Plastic

Nowadays each one of us is addicted to carrying plastic with us. If you try to figure out how this plastic is harmful to us you will see that it is indestructible. If we buy any single stuff from a shop or from a mall we need a plastic bag to carry it.

Even for our staff one or two, we need a plastic bag to carry with us well I do not believe that is it necessary to carry all those things in a plastic bag every time. Instead of that, you should always carry a cloth bag which you can reuse every time.

Problems of Plastic Backs

Now you must be thinking of what a plastic bag can give us a problem. Well, you can’t even imagine such kind of plastic bags can harm us so much.

You have seen the potholes which cannot consume water we can just see that there is some kind of thing which is stopping it.

Well, it is none other than the plastic bag. After using that plastic bag we threw it in the dustbin or in the surrounding area and we are not even bothering about what is happening after that that plastic bag.

Well, the problem arises from there when we throw these plastic bags anywhere then these things go and stuck in the tunnels of dirty water.

Because of this the water is been not empowered properly and over flooding of water happens. This is a very small example of plastic bags and the tunnel but there are so many things which we don’t even see and are happening because of the plastic bags.

Animals Face Problem

Now you must be having a question about how an animal can face a problem because of plastic bags.

Well, the answer is very simple but most of people don’t even understand it. You have seen the animals who are walking on the road when they eat whatever they receive on the road.

Few people remove the plastic from the phone and threw it on the road and few people through it with the plastic. Well throwing food is not appropriate but throwing food for the animal in a plastic can harm them more than anything.

As an animal, we cannot blame them to eat the plastic with the food. But we as a human being can understand that letting the animals eat the plastics with the food can cause their death. And mostly this happens with the cow in which gives us milk.

Now just imagine if all the animals who are eating the food from the road put the plastic will die what will happen and who will be responsible for all that death.

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Updated: January 15, 2020 — 9:23 am

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