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Plants are the living organisms which provide the food for the other living beings like the animals, humans as well. Plants prepare there on food, and they have some complex cells help them to make their food as plans cannot move as they are motile.

Plants include many times such as they are trees herbs bushes grasses vines ferns green algae are classified in plans and the study of the plants is known as botany and about there is an extent of 3,50,000 species of plants and some of them are also not classified as well.

Nutrients are very much important to a plant to live and grow as the roots under the ground absorb the water in it and with this stems it get the air through them and because of all these things they grow properly. Plants also need sunlight carbon-dioxide water to make the food by the process of photosynthesis.

Plants Food Process

To make food for the plants through the process of photosynthesis there is a substance which is green in color that is present in plants known as chlorophyll which gets the energy from the sun that is needed to make the food and also the chlorophyll is a mostly the substances that are found in leaves of a plant.

The evaporation of water from pores the in the leaves pulls water through the plant, and this process is called the transpiration process. Mostly the leaves of the plants are the main part to produce the food in the plants as it is a food factory of the plant as they are in various shape and sizes but there always the plant organ best suited to capture the solar energy from the sun.

And once this food is made it is the role of the leaves to transfer this food in the other part of the plants such as the roots stems and all the other parts of the plants.

Plants Distribution

There are different types of plants that are present such as the vascular nonvascular plant green algae plant land plants seed plants nematophytes plants and also many difference species of plants that are being present.

In the photosynthesis process, the plant needs carbon dioxide which is released by through our exhalation process and in this photosynthesis process that is free oxygen that is produced by the plants, and it is very much useful for the living being.

And later in the cell cytoplasm sugar turns into amino acids for proteins for DNA and RNA and as well as carbohydrates and starch.

After the leaves, the other is roots of the plants which performs the main function as they are the main part of the plant which absorbs the water and various nutrients that are in water from the soil.

Water is transported from the roots to the rest of the parts through a special vessel that is present in plants. The are also many flowering and nonflowering plants distributed, and this process is done through the pollination process.

Because of this process the gymnosperms and angiosperm process that is being done in pollination and because of this many different species of plants get formed.

There are also many different species of plants that are found over million of years ago. So plants are a good source of energy and a food-producing unit for the human beings and all the living beings as well.

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