Essay On Smartphones For Students & Children In Simple English

A smartphone is a small device which is a mobile phone that can do more than other phones as they work as a computer but are a kind of small mobile devices and it is useful for the people to carry anywhere as it fits in a user’s hand.

The smartphones are the other types of mobile phones such as there are mobile phones in which people could able to do only calling and texting messages but the smartphones can do all the things such as they can call text messages to click photographs and has calculator alarms and internet browsing system and also playing games systems that have been included in the smartphones.

The main difference between a Smartphone and a normal mobile phone is the Android system that has been developed in the Smartphone, and because of this it can run like a computer and has many GPS and digital camera systems in it.

Because of the Android, the phone can do multitasking run more than one program at a time help the user to do things quick and easy it has many programs that are called as mobile apps which are helpful for the user to complete the task easily.

Uses Of Smartphones

Because of the smartphones data communication has become very fast as it can send and receive data as much faster than the older phones as there are many data transmission rates that have been introduced such as 2G 3G 4G data systems that have been introduced in the Smartphones and because of this it runs very fast and speed communication are being done.

This 2G 3G 4G data network that has been introduced helps a smartphone to work very fast, and it has mainly introduced in 1991 and from that this generation has been continued and after 2010 people mostly used as 4G Technology as it includes the faster version of communication.

Many of the features that have been introduced and there are also many apps that have been developed by the people in the mobile phone that can help people in managing there all thing such as a mobile phone we can use while we are driving and using it there are many apps that has been included in a smartphone such as talking on the phone texting playing media web browsing gaming using mapping apps for a perfect route and their are also many phone features that can used by a driver while driving. By this many features that have been included, it can distract a driver, and it can lead to the risk of accidents.

Disadvantages Of Smartphones

By having a smartphone with the people it also has many disadvantages as it can damage people’s life, as well as many people, talk with mobile while they are driving and they get disturbed and because of the destruction it can leads to an accident, and also there are many ways people can lose their life as these youth are using this mobile continuously, and while they are walking on the road they use the mobile and the apps and features that have been introduced by the mobile phones they always use this and because of this in a road there are many ways of accidents that could get happened and it dangers the life of people.

Smartphone in this today’s world is a very useful gadget that has been made, but people should use this gadget only for some time, and when they are in need of it they should not use it continuously, and mostly the smartphone should be kept long by the childrens as it can affect their life in the future also.

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