Short Essay On People For Students & Children In Simple English


The word people is and plural form of a human being when there are many human beings in a group they are considered as people. People are the human being around you it doesn’t matter what is the relation between you and each other, but they are considered as a people.

We interact too many peoples from our day to day life such as the car driver and our friends in the rain and various other vehicles. People contribute towards the population of the country, and also they do they work hard for the development of the country.

People are very useful for the development of the country as they work hard for the development of the country in the future and they also think about the other peoples while developing the country.

There are some good peoples and some bad people it is necessary to be surrounded by good people as they make good qualities in you. Generally, generally, it is found that the people you don’t know behave politely with you rather than the people you know.


According to research there are various types of people, and they have some uniqueness in there, but according to research, it is found that there are only five types of people.

The first time of the people is conscientiousness, are the type of people who are well efficient and well organized, and they are self-sufficient that they can do their work and you can also depend on them for your work.

The extra virgin people who are extrovert and gain energy by various social activities and they like talking to each other, and they feel comfortable when they are on the spot of everyone, and they have good self-esteem and self confidence which will make them extrovert.

Another type of people are openness has been very open-minded and day. Another type the neuroticism, just type of people are emotionally unstable and emotional changes rapidly, and they react to everything and the poses emotions like irritability and anxiety.


The people in India are religious as there is the number of leaders present in India, but this shows the communal harmony that is they love each other religion and don’t fight much with each other and leave in peace in India.

But there are sometimes when religious fights came, and Dev fights with each other. India has the large number of population which consists of a large number of peoples.

People in India are very helpful sometimes and they will help you till the end, and there are some people who do not need to be called for help they will help you automatically, and they see you in a problem.

But nowadays people are becoming modern, and they stop asking anything to each other and give their own life. There are also some people in India who always create the problem, and they also love that when they see somebody is in Problem, they enjoy it.

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