Essay On Hospital For Students & Children In Simple English

Hospital is a healthcare institution where they provide the treatment for these patients with all the medical equipment. Hospital is a place where all the sick people and the people who injured and disease can be cured and get treatment for the disease doctors and nurses that are available in the hospitals does the treatment for the disease of their patients as they are employed by the hospitals to nurse and to treat the sick people back to health.

From the past 19th century till now there are many hospitals that have been developed as the medical science had made remarkable progress and the cure for all the diseases that have been introduced and develop as all types of diseases can be cured by medicines and their treatment by the doctors in a hospital.

All the hospitals all over the countries are having great facilities for all the patients and they treat their patients with well as they treat and cure the sick patients very well as there are many expert doctors and surgeon equipped by the hospitals to treat their patients.

In A Hospital

The most known type of hospital is the general hospital as it has the emergency department to treat the urgent people who are suffering from a major health problem such as the fire accident victims and the major problem like heart attacks this emergency departments doctors runs fast and does their work very quickly and treat the patient to cure very fast as this type of disease and problems need a fast checkup and fast treatment.

There are many high health problems and many high diseases that have been having to the people in this today’s world and because of this diseases like cancer, there are people who are researching for the treatment of this disease and also there are many doctors who treat their cancer patients very well.

There are many hospitals that are being made in every area about 5 to 6 km there is a hospital that has been made or there are many clinics of doctors are present in every area. In the hospital, there are many Health Care facilities and also there is a large number of beds for the Intensive Care of the patients and there are many ward boys and nurses who are present for attending every patient and to look health of the patient time to time.

Types Of Hospitals

Some patients usually go to the hospital just for the diagnosis and treatment or for the therapy and they do not stay for a night and some people are admitted overnight in a hospital and the hospitals are usually distinguished by some of the medical facilities such as General type of hospital district hospital specialized hospitals and clinics.

In the general type of hospitals, it is the best-known type of hospital it deals with many kinds of diseases as-as well as emergency treatment also and in the district hospital, it takes Intensive Care of the patient as he is critical and takes long-term care. In the specialized hospitals includes the higher type of diseases which are mostly cured by the big surgeons such as trauma and other many types of diseases.

The medical facilities which are provided smaller than Hospital it is usually called as Clinic and it is often run by the government agency or also it is run by a private doctor and mostly clinics cure the small number of diseases. When a person is suffering from diseases and needs treatment the hospital is the only thing in his life as he would depend on it for a good amount of treatment and to be healthy again.

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