Essay On Global Warming For Students & Children In English

Global warming is said as the biggest and dangerous environmental problem that has been happening in this present world and it is very dangerous that it can destroy the life on the Earth if it is not controlled.

Global warming is happening due to the depletion of the Ozone Layer that protects us from the direct UV rays of the sun and because of the Ozone Layer is getting depletion this UV rays of Sun direct attached to the earth and destroys the life on the earth.

Global warming also happens due to the increase in the atmospheric Greenhouse gas and because of this it has become dangerous for the human living standard. And this increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gases that affect the human living standard is created by the humans as the problem of global warming is mostly created by humans because of the humans living lifestyle.

Factors That Cause Global Warming

Mostly the factors that causes the global warming is that the people living lifestyle as people in this today’s world do not care of the nature and the natural resources that are gifted us by the nature they used that for their own means and destroy all the natural resources and they are getting depleted day by day so because of this it affects the environmental balance and the environmental chain gets destroyed and mostly the people does the pollution which affects the environment and it can also be the problem for the upcoming Global Warming.

Many research has been founded that the earth temperature has increased to a great level and due to this there is the increase in the atmospheric greenhouse gas globally and because of this, it has become harmful for the humans to live.

This problem of global warming is growing day by day as people are doing more and more pollution and destroying the environment and because of this from the past years there are more rate of global warming that could be effective and takes place in the environment and it can destroy the living of the people totally.

When there is global warming there are also many problems increases such as the evaporation of the water from the earth into the atmosphere as more and more water is been evaporated from the earth and because of this there would remain only some amount of water and our natural resources are going to end day by day.

Factors To Control Global Warming

Global warming is mostly caused by the people as people are disturbing the natural processes by doing the deforestation and many other things that can harm our nature and because of this, the problem of global warming has been rising with a great extent.

It is in the hands of the people to control this problem as they should not do pollution and not to cut many trees as trees are the only way through which the global warming problem should get solve slowly but it could get solved at a time and these things are needed for the people to live in future as when global warming takes place there will be no life existence as it could destroy the earth lives so it is only in the hands of people to control it.

To get greater climatic conditions and to improve the environmental balance and so by this the problem of the global warming should get solved easily.

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