English Essay On Environment For Students & Children In Simple English


The environment is the surrounding around you and also the type of place available on Earth. The environment is the everything present around you whether it be a tree a small plant or even a small insect it comes under the environment.

Sometimes your building our society is also considered as an environment as it is surrounding you and also does various effects on you.

Musli, when people think of the environment the thing come to the brain, is the place full of a plant and forest area.

But the environment is the place is present around you whether it be a tree, and you have to protect the environment from various problems and after which the environment will give you various services of it I like it will provide you Shade In the sunny day and also provide you an amount of oxygen to us tree convert carbon dioxide produced by humans into oxygen while preparing the food and also during the excretion which is very important.

And the environment is very important as your environment makes you able to live and if a suitable environment is not available, you will die because of your environment.


There are various types of environment, and they are categorized into various type of the main type of environment which people think about is the geographical environment which consists of the natural environment present around them.

The people also think about the geographical condition that is how the air is it is cool or hot and climatic variance factors and also various seasons.

There are also man-made environment which consists of the social and cultural environment around them which depends upon how the people around them are and how do they behave each other and if we see the behaviour of people in changes from a place to another place there are some group of people who are polite and there are some group of people who are very rude on each other.

It is very important to be in your suitable environment as when the environment around you changes you feel very bad and sometimes you fall sick because of the change of geographical around you and sometimes also due to the people around you as you are not capable of living in some environmental conditions like people are living in a cold place cannot believe in what place and same the people living in a hot place cannot live in a cold place.


The environment around us is very important, and it should also be taken care that you protect your environment around us.

There is a natural environment on earth which is suitable for the humans to leave and also it is suitable for the growth of human weather humans cannot live on any other planet which is present in our solar system as there is not the presence of season which is very needed for the human life.

It is also seen that some people are suitable for their environment and as the environment changes around them they don’t feel good, and they also fall sick due to the environmental changes around them.

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