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A culture is a way of living of people in a society. Many people have different types of culture and it is the way of living of people in a society.

People culture is mostly seen in the society by how they live, their clothing, their attire as we can say that culture is their tradition that people follow in their religion.

Every religion has different types of culture as they have different types of food, differ in their clothing and many more things are different in the culture of every religion.

Every person’s behavior also matters in their culture as their behavior decides their cultural background. All countries have their different culture.

As all countries there are the different cultures in India also as there are many different religions in India and every religion has their own different type of culture such as the difference in the music arts languages festivals and in many things in that in culture as there are many different religious cultures that celebrated by the people.

Different Forms and Types of Culture.

The culture and forms of different religions of India has come from the past as the people from the past celebrate their festival of different-different religions in their own way and mostly this festival is celebrated by all the people in the past as of any religious people come together to participate in a festival at the time of the rules of Britishers these religious people come together and celebrate festival and process their Unity towards them.

The difference between the celebration and the religions has come after India got the Independence as many religious gets differ and so because of the different religions many cultures also differ within the people.

In India, we can see culture in everything as like the cultural dance fashion music behavior social norms architecture and this culture is different in all the religions in India.

Indian Culture.

Culture in India gives the knowledge of the particular group of people when all the people come together and celebrate all the religious festival together is the unity of India.

There are many religions which have different types of traditions such as in Hinduism and in other religions the wedding ritual have a difference as there are many rituals that have to be placed in a Hindu Marriage and in Christian religion there are not many rituals which are played and it differs in the culture of Hinduism and Christian in India.

Not only in the rituals but also in the film industry such as in South side of India it has Tollywood which mostly runs by south industry as Tamil Telugu and in other parts mostly have Bollywood which runs by the Hindi languages in there are also movies that are made on Gujarati Bhojpuri and Marathi languages and all the people of the different religions can see all these types of movies.

So in all the forms of religions, there are different types of cultures that has been celebrated by the people in India and their cultures and the all the things traditions people comes together they celebrate it equally in India.

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