Essay On Birds For Students & Children In Simple English


Birds are and type of animal who have wings and have a special spindle body structure to fly in the air.

Birds are also known as aerial animals as they spend most of the time flying in the air.

What the birds belong to the class is, and they are the oviparous and warm-blooded animal, and they also belong to the vertebrate animal species.

Birds fly from one place to another place with the help of their Wings which they flap together opposing the app which gives the power of flying and keep them stable in the air.

There are various types of birds which have their flying techniques, and also there are some species of birds which fly in the air and stay in the air without flapping their Wings which are known as the eagle.

Eagle is the National bird in various countries as it is known as the king of the air as it is the stronger bird and can attack anything.



The body structure of the birds is made very light weighted so that they can fly in the air easily and does not have to put many efforts.

First comes the skeleton system of birds which is made up of very lightweight bones which are hollow but they are strong enough to face the takeoff and landing process of the birds.

There is also the important part of bone known as weak which is used as a mouth by the birds.

The respiratory system in the birds is very complex as the birds require the high amount of oxygen white line for which there should be an effective respiratory system.

Birds have rigid lungs which do not expand on inhalation and contract on acceleration rather than they maintain the shape wherein the case of human lungs contract and relax noninhalation and exhalation. The heart of the bird is a four-chambered heart which is common in the mammals.

The digestive system of the birds is very good enough to digest everything as they eat various hard food like grains and various other things.

The immune system of the bird is also the same as the members, but birds are very prone to various diseases like tumors and various immune deficiency disorders.


Birds have huge importance in maintaining the ecological balance through various means. Birds are replying species of which travel from one place to another by mode of the fly during which Deepika as a pollination factor in which day they become and pollination factor in which they spread the seeds of the plant in different places.

But also are important give to their beauty which increases the beauty of the nation and also sometimes it makes the mind of the people very cool by watching their beauty and the color.

The birds also eat various insects they are also known as the controller as they eat all the insect present in garden and farms. The birds also eat the seeds with the fruit due to which when they remove the seed through excretion the seed grow into a plant which indirectly increases the green cover.

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