Air Pollution Essay In English For Students & Children


Air pollution is a term which refers that the air is polluted by various means that is there are the presence of various toxic material in the air makes the air polluted.

There are various harmful gases present in the air due to human activity which makes the air poisonous and also harmful to the biological bodies.

Previous there were only water filters to filter the water so that it might become good for drinking but nowadays due to the increase in air pollution that also air filters and air conditioner with makes the air clean in your house but they cause various harmful effects to the environment.

Nowadays air pollution has become and huge issue which cannot be solved, but there are some methods tried to reduce the air pollution.

Mostly the air pollution is caused due to the increase in the number of vehicles as everyone writes their vehicle on the road every day which increases the pollution in the air, so nowadays people prefer to travel through the public vehicles other than their private vehicle which reduces the air pollution.


There are various causes of air pollution but it is observed that the increase in the pollutants in the air has been increased a greater extent from the industrial revolution as the emission of harmful gases from the industrial chimney increases the pollutants in the air mostly the carbon which is released from the various factories which manufacture different products.

The use of fossil fuels for riding the vehicles increases the pollutants in the air as it has various by-products on getting consume or when combustions take place.

It has also been observed that the burning of fuel for various purposes has the biggest hand in the increase in air pollution.

There are also various natural causes of air pollution, but they are not at a greater extent, but they take place very rarely such as volcanic eruptions which launchers various harmful substances in the hour hand makes the air polluted and also the forest fires which increase the number of pollutants in the air.



There are various harmful effects of air pollution which not only affect the human life and the biological life, but it also affects the environment.

Due to the air pollution, there is a new term coined known as acid rain in which the rain Falls which includes various harmful Chemicals like Sulphuric Acid which is bad for the human health and also for the environment.

Air pollution also creates the problem in the excretion process of human as they feel too much hard for getting the oxygen from the air and sometimes it is very hard for them to inhale and exhale.

It is seen that the air in the morning is very fresh, but as the day starts in the evening the air becomes very polluted. Air pollution also increases the various number of harmful disease especially the diseases which are caused due to the harmful which has an adverse effect on the lungs of the people and creates various problems like cancer and various other dangerous diseases.

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